Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cotswold Farm Park (Adam's Farm)

Well, we are now pretty much settled into the new house, although still have some unpacking and sorting out to do! I have managed a day away from house stuff and cave guiding and was lucky enough to go on a trip with Somerset WI to the Cotswold Farm Park (otherwise known as Adam's Farm from Countryfile). We were very lucky with the weather which thankfully stayed dry until we were back on the coach on the way home.

The Farm park is a wonderful day out for people of all ages, with a wonderful wildlife walk through various different habitats including woodlands, fields and disused quarries as well as a great walk around various pens housing goats, pigs, sheep, cattle and ponies. We started with the wildlife walk and enjoyed a wide variety of insects, flowers and a couple of rabbits! So the first image is of a butterfly, if you look closely you can see the pollen grains all over it!
After a quick refuelling of the energy tank, we headed off around the main part of the farm park to look at some of the rare breeds on show. We definitely weren't disappointed, there were some very inquisitive goats, some very cute piglets, sheep and a couple of goats having a bit of a fight, not to mention the highland cows or beasties as we always called them when we were growing up, there was a very cute calf with a cheeky expression! Here is one of the cute piglets, there will be more photos to follow on both my Flickr page and Facebook page as I get chance to go through them. 
There was a lot to see and enjoy for children of all ages, including big kids otherwise known as adults, the huge jumping pillows did look like a lot of fun although I didn't actually try them out. What really impressed me was the amount of easy to read and understand information that was available about the animals, not to mention the opportunity for people to hold bunnies and chicks, something that I just couldn't resist and made a new friend, not sure who is happier, a very rare photo of me! 
I would definitely recommend a visit to the Cotswold Farm Park to adults, children and families alike, it is a great day out and so much to enjoy, and who can resist so many cute animals! Finally the time had come for us to rejoin the rest of the group and head of to have tea with a local WI which was fantastic and well needed.  All in all, we had a really wonderful day so a big thank you to everyone at Cotswold Farm Park and the WI for a great day out.

I am now busy full time at the caves for the rest of the summer, but have managed to get the 2012 Natural Europe Calendar to the printers and they are now ready to order from here, orders will be posted out by the end of September. I am also busy putting together all the photos and information ready for the big exhibition next year, not to mention starting to sort things out for Madagascar. Exciting times ahead, but plenty to keep me busy. I am hoping to get out back to the Somerset Levels on Thursday so keep an eye out for more bugs!