Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Seals, Sunsets and Wedding Planning!

Hello, I know it's a little late, but Happy new Year to everyone I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new Year. Things have been more than hectic with wedding planning and finalising exhibition details but more of that later. 

First up is my trip to Norfolk to photograph the seals at Blakeney Point. I was very lucky with the weather on the day I picked to walk out to the point with a friend and in total we walked nearly 10 miles on shingle and sand, trust me it was very hard work and my legs were in pieces the next day! But the pain was worth it as there was no-one else in sight and we had the point to ourselves apart from the seals which meant opportunities to capture some unique images and I had my mind set on images I wanted. I am still going through the images but have picked out a couple, so here is the first one of a seal pup looking into the sunset with a beautiful sparkle in its eye.
And one taken close to sunset of a male and female grey seal on the beach, but have chosen to show them in their environment. There will be more once I have had a chance to go through them all thoroughly. 
It wasn't just seals, although that was the point of the trip! The following day with legs aching a lot we decided on a gentle walk around one the the reserves with plenty of hides to rest in, which is where I took this next image of golden plovers and lapwings resting with watery reflections, slightly overexposed to isolate the birds with their reflections.
It was a successful trip to Norfolk and someone I will certainly be returning to in the coming years but will look to spend much longer over there visiting the point a couple of times. On returning to Somerset, things have been very busy trying to write the information booklet for the images for the exhibition as well as pricing everything up and printing all 32 images, which I am happy say are now mounted and framed and filling my living room. So, the exhibition is now just over 3 weeks away from opening, the main images are all done except the mirror plates which will be added the week before, the information panels, 2013 calendar and note cards are sorted and I have brand spanking new business cards. The advertising has begun with posters going up and invites for the pre-view evening being sent out, it's weird that two years of work comes down to this it is very exciting and a little scary at the same time! I will take some photos and post a special update. 

Despite all the exhibition preparation, I have managed a couple of days out and made the most of the very clear but chilly weather last week by heading out to the Somerset levels to capture the sunset. I had in my mind a few images to try to achieve and am very happy to say that they came out a lot better than I could have expected so here are a couple of images of the sunset the way I see it! First up is an image of the sun setting behind a reed head
And second is a more creative image where I have used the reflection of the setting sun on the water to back light the reeds creating a wonderful shimmering appearance. 
I have also found a wonderful place close to where I am now living and am planning trips to explore this area fully, updates and images to follow once half term is out of the way. I have also committed to monthly craft fairs at the Cheese and grain in Frome which I will be using as a monthly shop so if you're in the area why not pop in and say hello, the dates are on my website Craft fairs and I will be selling cards, prints etc and will be keeping it fresh. 
SO, wedding plans! They are well under way with a venue and date all booked, fabric and pattern for my dress sorted, pattern sorted for the bridesmaids and colour scheme selected. I'm so excited to be marrying the man I love more than anything and am really looking forward to getting into the planning of our special day when he gets home from North America and doing it they way we want! 

Well, I think that just about brings everything up to date for now. I'm back cave guiding for half term and then it will be time to set up the exhibition and host the pre-view evening. The images I have selected are some of my favourites and I'm excited to be sharing them with everyone and I hope that you will be able to pop along, enjoy the exhibition and maybe leave a comment in the book. All the details on the dates, times etc can be found here Exhibition and I will be giving a talk on Wednesday 11th April at 12 noon in the exhibition but places will be limited. best of all entry to the exhibition is free! 

Until next time, stay safe and warm, but remember to head outside and enjoy the beauty of the world around us.