Thursday, 23 June 2011

Successful two weeks

Well, I am now back in a very rainy and not so warm UK and catching up on processing images and emails. The last two weeks have been an incredible experience, a lot of fun and meeting the rest of the TWP team was great, already looking forward to heading out again in September. After a full on morning and late afternoon/evening of walking and photography, we were treated not only to a wonderful sunrise through the trees in the forest but also to the eclipse on Wednesday night which is the first image for this instalment.
I am gradually uploading images to my website with details of the equipment used and going through the invertebrate images working on identification, if you can provide any help with the identification process please let me know! I have now finalised the details for the 2012 Natural Europe Calendar which will cost just £12 including first class postage within the UK, images will comprise of mammals, birds, plants, insects and landscapes and there will be space for writing. I am just going through choosing the images and as they are selected they will appear on my website here along with further details: 2012 Calendar I am also having a sale of existing stock over the weekend of July 30th and 31st (Saturday and Sunday) with up to 50% of some items, for full details click here: Buy Direct from the Photographer. One last bit of news, my Corryvreckan whirlpool image is being published in a new book coming out in October about the Earth. This last image is one of my favourites from the last two weeks of the sun coming through the trees, taken in black and white.
Well, that is about it for now, back to the washing and selecting images for the calendar and hoping that the sun will come out sometime in the next few days!


  1. This black&white photo is really nice .. and the other one (on your website - with warm colours) is even better ..

  2. Have you gone corryvreckan cruising? It's awesome and very thrilling. It's something to experience when you get to Oban. There are beautiful wildlife creatures in there too. It is a perfect spot to take photos.

    1. Hi Michelle, I have been to the Corryvreckan, I actually worked up there for 7 months in 2010 where I crewed wildlife and whirlpool tours to the Corryvreckan. Check out my YouTube page for the videos and have had my textbook whirlpool image published several times.