Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hedgehogs, hedgehogs and more hedgehogs!

Hello and welcome to a dedicated post all about hedgehogs! Not many words for this post just some super adorable hedgehogs that are currently being cared for ready for release in the Spring next year. So here we go.....

And my personal favourite....

I hope you love them as much as I do, if you are interested in purchasing a print (through my website) or would like to buy any of these images for a publication of calendar please contact me with the details, 10% of sales from these images will be donated to the wildlife rescue centre that is currently caring for them to help with their up-keep. And remember  if you are having a bonfire this Saturday make sure there are no hedgehogs hibernating inside before you light it! Currently Secret World have over 100 hedgehogs they are caring for and desperately need donations, so if you can help them feed these prickly friends by donating tinned cat/kitten food and any dried biscuits please head to amazon or any online supermarkets. For more information on how you can help feed the hedgehogs through the winter visit their website Secret World or call 01278 783250. 

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