Thursday, 5 May 2011

Macro Work on the Somerset Levels

Following on from my first photograph of a damselfy a couple of weeks ago, I have spent a growing amount of time concentrating on photographing the other insects and bugs that are around on the Somerset Levels, in particular at Westhay Moor Reserve. With damselflies, spiders and various other invertebrates everywhere it was hard to choose where to start, but as I was surrounded by damselflies this seemed a good place to begin! Although I have taken a few identification shots, it is the more artistic and different shots that I was aiming for, including ones to try to illustrate the characters of the insects in question. This first image is one of my favourites from the day and did result in me being stung by nettles in more places than you can imagine, but I hope you will agree that it was well worth it! This damselfly had just finished eating an unidentified insect and the way that it was cleaning itself really appealed to me, it looks like it may have been a very tasty bug!

For a slightly different angle, this is a different damselfly that had just caught the insect that it is making quick work of and illustrates the hunter in the grass side of these small and beautiful creatures (unless you are on the menu!).

Something a little different now, it is not only insects that I have been working with, the warm days and cold nights that we have been having have produced some wonderful dew drops, I found this dandelion seed head complete with dew drops, I decided to go for a slightly softer focus approach to create a very peaceful image of a well known plant that we perhaps take for granted.

If you are interested in seeing a few more shots from my days on the levels so far, you can check them out on my website or flickr page Somerset Levels Flickr Set, I will be spending more time down there over the coming weeks along with a special day out with a subject that I love, but you'll have to wait for that one, not giving too much away!!

Away from the photography side of work, I am currently working on 2 separate talks, one is a general talk about what I do and the projects I have and am currently working on with plenty of photos and videos aimed at a wide range of groups and the second is more technical talk that goes into more depth about how particular images were achieved and the settings used to obtain certain effects which will be geared towards those more a very keen interest in photography. If you are interested in either of the talks please drop me an email and I will send you more details. Email: Talk Information

Until next time, enjoy the sun and keep fingers crossed for some rain!

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