Sunday, 24 April 2011

Last Few Days

Well, things have been busy over the last few days. i have been out on the Somerset levels again looking for just about anything! I saw my first ever wild grass snake and it swam across a small pool of water, the spiders were out in force and were the ants and ticks, but thankfully all the ticks remained on the vegetation and not on me! I also saw my first damselfly of the year, what a character it was too, and features in the first photo for this post almost looks like it's waving!

I finally managed to capture on film the mating dance of the wolf spider, it is a mesmerizing display, make sure you watch both spiders carefully, the male is on the left the femal on the right.

Spider Mating Dance

Some news from the garden to finish off with, there have been some visitors to the garden over the last couple of days in the form of four mallard ducks, one female and three males. They definately seem to have made themselves comfy, resting in the grass, washing and feeding in the pond. Just yesterday I found an egg on the lawn, thankfully the female came back for it and now just keeping fingers crossed that they will have a family. I will keep you posted, but for now the second photo for today is of one of the males having a wash.

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